This is how you make it

Broccoli in a pot or brussel sprouts.
This is how you make it. Grab
them fresh from the dirt. Give
them a good rinse. Fill the pot
with water. Put ‘em in. Attach
a lid. Turn the burner all the way up.
Go outside. ‘How can you think
that God is a kind old Man with
a long flowing white beard?’
When the sky starts to boil
And the trees begin to droop
And bend and get ready to take off
like the green behind your eyes?’
And I said eeeeeeeeeeeeeee
And you said ooooooooooo
And I said uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
And you said eeeeeeeeeeeeee
And though the weather report called
For imminent hail the size of elephant testicles.
We let the trees take our words.
Felt the sway behind the wind.
Heard the call of rising trunks
behind the thunder. ‘You’re right,’
She said. ‘There must be a thousand
gods out today. And they’re all horny.
Come here behind these tall bushes.
And let them have their way with us.’

©2007 by Ray Sweatman

Brussel Sprouts, Freshly Washed

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