Heavy Red by Wassily Kandinsky icon
Paradise of a single second
© 2001 by PJ Nights

Lava lamp, tangerine flush,
question marks float in blue smoke.
Revelers dance, careen, crush,
get the munchies, chug brew, toke.

Alice tosses panties first;
Kyra adds her mini skirt.
Half-baked Tad, the shanty-cursed,
donates tattered pants. Revert

to cave-painted ritual,
circle ‘round the incense stick,
inhale nights habitual.
Knees fly high in sixth sense kick.

Naked now, Joe joins the fray,
adding war stripes of bean-dip.
Eyeing Jackie, loins betray
his interest in her jean-strip.

Dee launches her llama wool
sweater, sweet cherry nipples
pucker and pout, karma-pull
John to suckle ‘til ripples

melt into climaxing riff.
Hendrix wails, bass beat lament,
a frenzy waxing - sniff
the hunger for the moment.

For all the boys, Liz shimmies
silk to her feet, ever a vamp,
but later she is Jimmy’s
in light of the lava lamp.

ERWA 2001/2002