PJ Nights is pictured to the right with her dad who gave her a love of learning and the stars. She lives in coastal Maine and teaches physics and astronomy further inland. She currently edits the quarterly journal from east to west: bicoastal verse and has co-edited two print anthologies, Women of the Web poetry anthology with CE Laine and Dorothy Mienko which is available from Sun Rising Press and from east to west: print edition #1 with Ray Sweatman.

Her poetry has appeared in Anemone Sidecar, Agreeable Friends, Contemporary Animal Poetry (Moon Pie Press), MiPOesias' Best of cafe' cafe', September 2007, OCHO, Women of the Web, Velvet Avalanche, POM2, Whistling Shade, Wolf Moon Press Journal, Animus, Penumbra, Diverse Publications, Slow Trains Volumes I and II, the textbook Language and Prejudice, ditch, The Smoking Poet, 21 Stars Review, Apples & Oranges, andwerve, Mannequin Envy, The Hiss Quarterly, The Centrifugal Eye, Wicked Alice Poetry, Peshekee River Poetry, PW Review, Bellatrix Blue, Steel Point Quarterly, Rock Salt Plum Poetry Review, Blue Fifth Review, The Green Tricycle, Stirring, ERWA, Slow Trains, CleanSheets, The Lightning Bell Poetry Journal, MiPo, LotusBlooms, the muse apprentice guild, Lingerings, Mind Caviar, Amoret, the Emerald Collection, Ophelia's Muse, Tasha Klein's Gallery, Hoot Island, Writer's Hood, Tryst, La Rosa Blanca, MiPo Print, and Erosha.

Her poetry has been recognized by the IPBC and won 1st place in the 2003 (6th annual) and 3rd in the 2007 (10th annual) Poetry Super Highway contest. Of wives and mothers was nominated for a 2004 Pushcart Prize.

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