Forgetting my manners
2002 by PJ Nights

In henna-tipped breasts
I'm abstracted, merciless
even in the embodiment of mercy.
I plunge you blind into the copper
blackness of feline eyes

behind a pince-nez - a whisker twitch -
beware the grimalkin Ill become!

The urbanity of my love for you
drops off the edge of hunger,
a cats bell tied to the tail
of the soft-songed vireo
whod warble warnings.

No polite tatting of lace
in drawing rooms, but the toss
of the final veil,
cellos blowing gypsy winds
through the fine hairs on your arms
your legs, belly and below -

snail trails of saliva leave you
content to lie away days
in rumpled sheets as the edge
of us fades into sepia.

ERWA Oct. '02
ERWA Dec. '02
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