So Much in Five Worlds and Five Suns
© 2002 by PJ Nights

I. Earth

“Watch out for ocelots,” her big sister
warned. “They eat bad girls.”
Angela shivered and watched
the lizards leave their shadows
for lazy wallows in puddles of sun.
In postured bravado they stuck out
flicking tongues at the tiny tigrello,
and the little girl just knew
the cat had bigger dinner plans.

a circle
‘round the sun is broken

II. Fire

As a baby, Angela would gurgle
to pinkie toes, little aliens
to chase when learning to walk,
guardian angels of dark crib nights.
As she grew, her chubby feet
ran after her sister in a game
of “monkey see, monkey do” and
she no longer heard the wisdom of toes.

a circle
‘round the sun is broken

III. Air

Her sister knew so much! Useful things
like how to use a Lite-Brite®,
how to make friends with cucumber cool,
how to hoodwink parents into thinking
she could do no wrong. Waving her arms
Angela yelled, “Have you seen MY polka?”,
but she could never still an impious tongue,
never be the sacrificial lamb, and her world
shrunk to a room of candle flames and lava lamps.

a circle
‘round the sun is broken

IV. Water

She pounded out piano recitals for one,
rants in E minor denying her wish
for prom dresses in iridescent feathers,
for birthday gifts of turquoise and gold.
Angela dressed instead in humble rushes,
thumbed her freckled nose at the world,
a goddess of garbage drowning
in her own unnoticed tears.

a circle
‘round the sun is broken

V. Rock

Angela lay breathing quietly
as the fifth world was born into darkness.
She took up her pen and whispered poetry
through gloom, teased tinder to a bonfire
into which she fed her dress of reeds.
In the fifth world, Nanautzin's immolation
lit the sky. Now she traces with her finger

a circle
‘round the sun unbroken

Slow Trains June '02
MiPo Print v.2 n.7