FEATURED POET ~ Dave Morrison

Black Crow

Four Days in November

Care to Join?




Shadows of Dust ~J. H. Martin

unquite kept. cool sank, unquiet. ~ Jim D. Deuchars

He Follows Her ~ Larissa Shmailo

petit chouchou ~ John Eivaz

our lady of the dark road ~ John Eivaz
FEATURED POET ~ Lynne Shapiro

Eat Your Aesthetics

Letters and Ladders


Songs for A Mad Queen ~ Grace Andreacchi w/ Julian Grant

Baby Talk ~ Joshua O'Donnell

Between the Two ~ Joshua O'Donnell

untitled (double sonnet i) ~ Camille Martin

untitled (double sonnet ii) ~ Camille Martin

Wounded ~ Roxanne Hoffman

scranton bar ~ Gil Helmick and the Snowmonks

User assumes risks (metamorphosis #1) ~ David Braden