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e john e 
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(5/7/06 5:08 am)
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New Post Of minds that would be entranced

Of minds that would be entranced

We're in the middle of it,
and pretend it's over there.
We can see it over there,
but I can't see it in you
nor you in me, except for
its action which we see
over there. We buy supplies
at Walmart. Nothing so
Americana to me than black
lung and rolling hills with
that smoke and fog that
really does shroud. Even though
life was tough before wouldn't
you like to stroll down a gaslight street
garter on your arm, suspenders,
gal gettin' saucy and that new
perfume. Even the drugstore
was poetry, written not for poets
but for the fun of coming thirsty
to its fountain, downing new elixirs,
taking home notions. Did this all happen,
the parades and barbershop quartets,
talkies, ads folks really listened to
no matter if they're myths? I buy
supplies at Walmart, which we
see over there, not in here.


5 7 06

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Posts: 179
(5/7/06 8:22 am)
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New Post Re: Of minds that would be entranced
great stuff, john. felt almost like i was watching the curtain go up on a performance of our town.

Posts: 76
(5/7/06 9:17 am)
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New Post Re: Of minds that would be entranced

I used to work in one of those...made ice cream sodas the old fashioned way and earned a buck an hour plus tips which amounted to nickels and dimes. Them were the good old we have these.

I do see though that this poem takes on a nice tone in the beginning of 'negative capability' i.e. we don't really know WHAT you are talking about but instinctively we our own way. Then it gets real specific...almost like two poems...but then again it cannot be otherwise unless you desire it so.

e john e 
Posts: 1878
(5/7/06 3:39 pm)
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New Post thanks for reading and replying
title is from a Jack Anders poem, "Americans"
which was on my mind yesterday

i posted his poem in the OTHERS thread here,
along with a link to his mini-collection at east/west.


Registered User
Posts: 170
(5/7/06 4:01 pm)
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New Post Re: Of minds that would be entranced


I think it's "elixirs"

but other than that

excellent writing


little suzy sunshine
Posts: 25832
(5/7/06 4:05 pm)
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New Post Re: Of minds that would be entranced

i'll spare you all and not post a link to what was on my mind yesterday.

e john e 
Posts: 1879
(5/7/06 5:18 pm)
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New Post lazy me
avoiding spell check, knew it didn't look right,
thanks, eob

tasha, why even tease us then?

thanks all

doing laundry, in and outta here


Posts: 18
(5/7/06 5:55 pm)
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New Post Re: lazy me
“Did it all happen?”

Yes...our little city’s main drag is like many similar cities...made up of old buildings whose beautiful moldings give them the sad appearance of old ladies and gents who are ‘now’ overdressed for a long gone party - when there were people going to and fro, when there were parades and cony Islands and soda fountains and all the rest...

Wal-Mart is the antitheses to ‘nostalgia’...and in a small mid-western city like mine, it’s also the magician’s little helper - that is, no one seems to have noticed over-much that the middle-class has been quietly transformed into the lower class with the wave of wand, but seeing as how we can all more or less still buy all this ‘stuff’, we don’t place these loses in conjunction with the fact that we have to work two or three jobs just have anything left over at the end of each month...
Were the news to more regularly report each separate event in which Wal-Mart has pressured a business to move it’s production over-seas, maybe we’d at least notice it more, but we hear of so very little in comparison to the full story( s )...

Anyhoo...good poem brother...heh

Posts: 973
(5/7/06 7:16 pm)
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New Post Re: lazy me
my favorite of the weekend...

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