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Agreeable Friends, Contemporary Animal Poetry, edited by Alice Persons, contains the work of 46 poets, from Maine and all over the country. All proceeds from the book will go to the Maine State Society for the Protection of Animals, based in Windham, Maine. This is a private non-profit that cares for over 90 horses and other animals who have been abused or neglected. A steal at $10! Click the book to order!

from east to west: bicoastal
verse (print edition #1)

edited by Ray Sweatman
and PJ Nights

The Women of the Web

edited by P. J. Nights,
C. E. Laine, Dorothy Mienko

nothing lit can leave

by Ray Sweatman


by Mark Hartenbach

Book of Resurrection

by Mark Hartenbach

The Sound of Music

by Mark Hartenbach


by Michael Macklin

A Chaos of Angels

by Lois P. Jones, Alice Pero

Carrots and Bleu Cheese Dip

by T. Birch

Ravens and Bad Bananas

by Kenneth Pobo

Glass Garden

by Kenneth Pobo


by Kenneth Pobo

Rise, Fall and Acceptance

by Patrick Carrington


by Patrick Carrington

Hard Blessings

by Patrick Carrington


by Diego Quiros

Be Careful What Your Wish For

by Alice Persons

Never Say Never

by Alice Persons

Poetry and Fear

by Grace Andreacchi


by Grace Andreacchi

Glad Wilderness

by Geraldine Cannon

You Can Still Go to Hell...

by David Moreau

Sex, Death, and Baseball

by David Moreau


by Pris Campbell

Interchangeable Goddesses

by Tammy Trendle
& Pris Campbell

A Postcard of a Naked Man

by Linda K. Sienkiewicz

Dear Jim

by Linda K. Sienkiewicz

Our Lady of Let's All Sing

by Nancy Henry

Europe on $5 a Day

by Nancy Henry


by Nancy Henry

The Encyclopedia of Scotland:
Salt Modern Poets

by Annie Finch

Body of Poetry: Essays on Women,
Form, and the Poetic Self

by Annie Finch


by Annie Finch

The Book of Forms:
A Handbook of Poetics

by Lewis Turco

Fearful Pleasures: The Complete
Poems, 1959-2007

by Lewis Turco

The Collected Lyrics of Lewis
Turco/Wesli Court, 1953-2004

by Lewis Turco

Evidence of Light

by Marita O'Neill

I Can Only Go as Fast as
the Guy in Front of Me

by Frank Matagrano

Roomful of Navels

by Craig Kirchner

Anxious Music

by April Ossmann

Religions of the Blood

by Sam Rasnake

wounded by zen

by Gil Helmick


by Tom Fallon

The Knot

by Bruce Spang

Tip End of Time

by Bruce Spang

Carpeting the Landslide
and other books

by James Lineberger

Burn My Heart in Wet Sand

by George Wallace

Sky Is

CD by George Wallace
& The Moontones

Becoming Someone Who Isn't

by Jill Chan

First Sight of Land

by Gary Lawless
& Gary Snyder (intro)

Nanao or Never: Nanao
Sakaki Walks Earth A

edited by Gary Lawless


by Gary Lawless


by John Sweet

Naujausiu laiku istorija:
vadov˛lis pradedantiesiems

by Gintaras Grajauskas